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1. A pre-screening questionnaire will be sent through email and is required to be filled out prior to any appointment.

2. We require that a mask be worn throughout your entire appointment. We have the right to refuse service to anyone without a mask.

3. To limit the amount of people inside the studio, we ask that you wait outside of
the studio or inside your car until we call or text you. 


4. Clients and artists must wash their hands before and after the appointment.

5. No guest will be allowed. If you do bring a guest we ask that they do not enter the studio.


6. Please limit the items you bring to the shop. 

7. No blankets will be provided or allowed during your appointment. Feel free to bring your
 personal jacket if you get cold easily. 

8. All artists and clients will have their temperature taken with a no-contact thermometer upon entering the studio.***


*While we understand COVID-19 can be spread through asymptomatic patients, we try to decrease the possibility of spread in the best way we can.

We thank you for understanding and your patience! 

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