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Ombré Powder Brow Course 
Intensive 2 Day Group Workshop

No experience or prior training is required in order to participate in this course!


Upcoming Master Class Ombré Brows w/ @WillDauzBrows x @ChrisDauzBrows
July 27-28 , 2024
$2500 -$500!
Summer Special -$500 off!  only a few Seats available!


Our OmbréPowder Brow Training Course is a 2-day intensive program designed to build a solid foundation in brow theory, technique and practice.  You will learn the same skills used by us to create and give the most elegant gradient brows that so many love! 

This comprehensive course will explore the professional artistic development of each individual artist to create a perfect, yet unique Ombré Brow. The first day of the course will introduce brow theory,  safety & preparation and introduction to techniques. The second day challenges your unique artistic skills with more in-depth practice techniques, mapping and corrections. You will be required to work on at least ONE live model to complete the course. 

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to Equipment

  • Brow Theory

  • Safety & Sanitation

  • Pre-Care & After-Care

  • Customer Acquisition 

  • Brow Mapping

  • Shading Techniques

  • Touch-ups & Color Corrections

  •  Saline Removal

  • Apprenticeship Included

  • Live Model Practice

Private Training Available 


Our Course Includes the Machine!


  • Full Learning Kit

  • Needles

  • Inks 

  • Numbing Creams 

  • Measuring Tools

  • And more!

* $500 Non-Refundable Deposit Required 

ISSR & Medical Camouflage Course 
Intensive 2 Day Group Workshop



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